Pokemon Go: What Are Pokestops?

Pokestops are little icons you can find around everywhere you go. You can tell you found a Pokestop when you see a light blue ring with a blue pokeball inside of it. If the Pokestop is not close enough to you yet, a blue floating cube will appear instead.

Click on the Pokestop to receive free items such as Pokeballs, Greatballs, Ultraballs, Revives, Potions of all kinds, Berries to feed to Pokemon and even Pokemon eggs to hatch as you walk!

If you ever see a Pokestop with pink flower petals coming off of it that means it has a lure on it. Lures are given to you when you level up or buy them from the shop. With a lure, you can place it on a Pokestop and what it does is attract Pokemon to that location. Other players can also benefit from your lure and you can benefit from any lure someone else places of course.

Touch Pokéball to Start


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